Recession Proof Jobs

Entrepreneurship Ideas For Surviving The Recession

Recession proof jobs are the hot topic of the day for surviving the recession. At Business Marketing Tactics we will show a proven technique to side step the economic slide by having you learn web development. Building websites is a very marketable skill in good and bad economic times. Let us show you how to take control of your own financial future by learning a new marketable skill.

You may think what we are proposing is teaching entrepreneurs how to build websites so they can do so for others. In actuality, designing websites for others in order to make a profit is a side benefit to our program. Our main focus is to build informational websites.

Once you complete the program and you have the drive and desire to start a web development business, you will have a superior platform to achieve that goal along with creating your own recession proof jobs.

eCommerce vs. Informational Websites

eCommerce websites are simply a website a business uses to bring their goods and/or services to the world wide web in order to expand the business and grow profits. Web designers or web masters that maintain websites are in the category of having recession proof jobs. Even though the business may be experiencing slower sales, there is still a need to perform updates so the customers have the most current information available.

recession-proof-jobs-01;ecommerce shopping cart and dollar sign Informational websites are a hybrid of eCommerce sites.

The goal for any website is to attract traffic.

However, an informational site is developed to basically give away information, build trust and credibility with the visitor and to capture profits through proven monetization techniques

Such monetization models include ads by Google and affiliate programs just to name a couple.

We get lots of questions on how do you make the money and how much. We do not tell you how much you can make since it depends on your individual effort. Can you replace your current career and be your own boss and work from home? YES!

As far as monetization methods or the ways to make the money, it is important to understand the different models. You need to know how you are going to convert your visitors into income as you are writing content and sharing your information. So, we will now introduce several of the monetization methods without getting in to very much detail so you have a general understanding.

We previously briefly discussed affiliate programs and ads by Google as ways to generate income. These methods can work very well for most if not all websites. Other methods of making money on an informational website include finder relationships, e-goods, multi level marketing, and joint ventures. Additionally, once your website is established, you will be contacted by other site owners and businesses that want to pay you to advertise on your site.

We need to be perfectly clear, this is not a get rich quick scheme. Your success is solely based upon what you the end user put into the development of a website. If you are looking for recession proof jobs, you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you apply a little brains and motivation, you have the potential to become your boss.

Do you want to take control of your own financial destiny or do you want to continue working at your J.O.B. (just over broke)? Recession proof jobs are created by entrepreneurs. Who is better a generating recession proof jobs, corporate giants who are downsizing or the backbone of America.....ENTREPRENEURS.

Learning Platforms: Higher Education, eLearning and DIY

There are three primary ways to learn the skills of web development as we are discussing here. Higher education institutions such as colleges and universities, eLearning and DIY or the Do It Yourself method. Each method of education has it own pros and cons depending on your individual learning style.

We will now begin to discuss these three learning methods and the features, benefits and costs associated with each learning method.

Higher Education Institutions
Supply for the class "Build A Successful Business Using The Internet" is at an all time high however the demand continues to exceed the supply of locations and instructors.

The higher education institutions teaching the class continues to grow rapidly throughout the USA and the world with this proven method to teach entrepreneurs to gain recession proof jobs.

recession-proof-jobs-02;graduation cap The fees for the course range between $599 and $1000 for a 10 week comprehensive program.

Upon completion of the course you will have an actual live operating internet business which you can nurture into a robust successful enterprise and one of those coveted recession proof jobs.

The eLearning platform is the latest version of the class "Build A Successful Business Using The Internet". The class is designed to help you achieve one of those recession proof jobs. The first of the classes began in early March 2009 with continuous expansion of the program as instructors are trained.

In order to be an instructor for the eLearning class, the instructor must have had previous experience teaching the course in the classroom environment. Growth of the program will be controlled to ensure world class experiences for our students.

The benefits of this type of education is the fact that you are not locked into any special time or location to complete course materials. You are on your own to view the lecture and complete weekly assignments. Self discipline and good time management skills will help student bee successful with this learning method.

Current fees for the eLearning class run at about $599. However during the first few months of the program there have been some discounts offered. Contact us to sign up or to learn more about his new and exciting online class for achieving your recession proof jobs.

DIY or the Do It Yourself Method
This by far is the most popular and least expensive way to achieve your educational goals. For only $299 you can have access to extremely detailed instructional videos and and self help forums all from the comfort of your own home.

There have been 20,000+ users of this method and 62% of those website owners have their sites in the top 3% of of all worldwide ranked websites for traffic rankings. Now that is powerful! With our platform, we actually teach you how to build a website that far outperforms professional web designers in the market today that charge a fortune for their services

recession-proof-jobs-03;highlighting text and word innovate This is the least structured of the methods of learning web development.

Self discipline is critical to the students success as there are no time lines for completion of the program.

It is all up to the student how quickly they want to achieve a recession proof jobs.

At this time, Business Marketing Tactics is holding web information sessions showing prospective students the value of this very powerful platform.

The web cast is held on Monday evenings at 9pm eastern time. Click on the link below or cut and paste the url into your browser to attend the web cast and learn more about the DIY program.

Summary - Surviving The Recession With Recession Proof Jobs

The difference between the Business Marketing Tactics program and most other so called web designers in the market today, is the platform used to power the websites. Our comprehensive program can create recession proof jobs. No matter what the state of the US and world economy may be, people are still searching for information. Information, or Content, it the driving force behind a successful Internet presence.

recession-proof-jobs-04;summary checklist What has been found in all our learning platforms is that once you get started, you are easily motivated to do more and more as you see the outcome of your work.

There is nothing ore exciting than seeing your work published on the world wide web and then you see increasing visitors to your site.

It must be mentioned that achieving one of those coveted recession proof jobs takes work. This is very achievable but you must put forth a considerable effort to achieve your goal of financial freedom. What is a considerable effort? We firmly believe that 6 to 15 hours weekly depending on your web expertise and typing skills is typical to be very successful building a web business.

This is also not a Get Rich Quick scheme or MLM (multi level marketing) opportunity.

If you are looking for some quick profits with little or no work involved, we are sorry we wasted your time. However, if you want to take control of your own financial future and destiny, this is the program that will change your life!

How can we say that? As we mentioned earlier there are 20,000+ users that have websites that far exceed the performance of the so called web designers in the market today. We also want you to think about this. The class "Build A Successful Business Using The Internet" is taught at prestigious educational institutions in the USA and around the world.

Want to know some of the institutions teaching this class? are just a few!
The University of Arizona, Dawson College, Canada, Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville, Florida, The University of Alaska (Matanuska-Susitna College), The Government of South Australia, Austin Community College and The CITADEL.

Do you think that these prestigious higher education institutions would put their name on a get rich quick scheme or an MLM business opportunity? We think not!

Thanks for visiting us today. We hope you at least think about harvesting the true potential the Internet has to offer by taking advantage of one of your learning platforms. Please do not wait until the inevitable happens and you loose your job.

It will be too late for us to help at that point since this program needs a few months to mature before you start seeing results. Additionally your time and effort put forth into creating your on recession proof jobs will also affect the overall outcome and performance of your website.

Please contact us with any questions you have regarding surviving the recession with recession proof jobs.

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